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FUT V/S FUE Hair Transplant- Which One is Better ?

Now days, the digital revolution has changed the lives of people. It has changed the way people used to live, work, purchase and engage into social inetracations. It is now required (rather it is essential) to use the social media platforms for carrying out all sorts of business.
So, there is a huge need for people to be presentable always. People are increasingly getting conscious about their looks.
And when it comes to hair, it is the major constituent of an individual’s look.
People are now become more adaptive for a hair transplant surgery to restore their lost hair and regain their good natural hair looks. The following factors has also contributed to the increasing demand of hair transplant these days-
A. Better understanding of hair transplant surgery.
B. Affordable costs of the procedure.
C. Advanced Technology used in the procedure.
D. Use of social media for undertaking various professional tasks. This makes it necessary for everyone to be presentable.
E. Hair loss at an early age making hair restoration necessary.

All one needs is a technologically rich and reliable hair transplant clinic, which will sort all types of worries related to hair loss and restoration.

Methods of Hair Transplant Surgery

There are two main types of hair transplant techniques. Both these methods are equally popular and effective depending on the needs and expectations of the patient-

  1. FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction)
    It is an advanced hair transplant procedure in which strands of hair are transplanted from side of your scalp in groups of one to four strands. FUE hair transplant is a method of restoring hair in which hair follicles are extracted from the back side of head and implanted in the bald region of the head. No sutures are required in this method. The real hair growth pattern of an individual is like this way only. So, the transplanted hair looks more real and gives you a fuller look.
  2. FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation)
    In FUT hair transplant procedure, a strip of scalp from the donor site (generally the back or side region of head) is taken (cut out) and implanted on the bald region of the head.
    Individual hair follicles are then taken out from this strip and inserted into the balding region of the head. FUT hair transplant cost is quiet high.

FUE V/S FUT Hair Transplant

Point of DifferenceFUEFUT
1. Extraction of FolliclesIn FUE, individual hair follicles are taken out carefully and implanted in the bald region.In FUT, a complete strip of scalp is taken out through surgery. Then individual follicles are taken out for transplantation. 
2. Time Involved in ProcedureLonger time is involved in this surgery depending on the size of area to be covered.Lesser time is involved in this method
3. ScarsVery minute dot like scars are left behind which are least visible.A big scar generally running from one ear to another is visible.
4. RecoveryPatient recovers quickly within 6-7 days.Recovery here is quiet time consuming. The sutures are removed after 10 days of the surgery. So, healing takes time in this method.
5. ResultsThere might be need of corrective surgeries after the first transplant.The results are very accurate in this method.
6. Donor Area ShavedGreater donor area is shaved which cannot be hidden for the initial weeks.Very less of donor area is  shaved. A linear strip of scalp is taken out. The shaved area can be covered easily without social avoidance.
7. SuitabilityThis method is ideal for those seeking greater hair coverage.This is ideal for those seeking fuller looks.
8. CostsFUE hair transplant cost is less.This method is more expensive.
9. Pain and Possibility of InfectionPatient experiences less pain here.Deeper cuts are made here in the implantation. So, patient experiences bit more pain in this method.
10. Graft QualityThere is a possibility that the hair follicle gets damaged during harvesting. As the direction of the lower part of follicle cannot be predicted with accuracy. Here graft survival rate is low.The graft quality is better here because a complete strip of scalp is removed and then hair follicles are carefully extracted.Here graft survival rate is high.

FUT v/s FUE hair transplant discussed above clearly highlights the pros and cons of both the methods. The choice of the right method must be left to the discretion of the hair transplant specialist.
The specialist will wisely choose the right method for the patient so that the hairless area is best covered and the results are permanent and satisfactory.

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