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Fue Hair Transplant

What is Fue Hair Transplant?

FUE stands for Follicular Unit Extraction. It is an advanced hair transplant procedure in which strands of hair are transplanted from side of your scalp in groups of one to four strands.
FUE hair transplant is a sutureless method of restoring hair in which hair follicles are extracted from the back side of head. A local anaesthesia is administered with the help of special micro punches and hair follicles are implanted in the bald region of head.
The scarring caused by this method is very tiny and round in shape and hence, the recovery time is quiet short in this method.
The real hair growth pattern of an individual is like this way only. So, the transplanted hair looks more real and gives you a fuller look.

How much does a FUE hair transplant cost in Jaipur?

The cost of a hair transplant depends greatly on the area to be covered, the procedure chosen for the transplant and the experience of the hair transplant surgeon. Due to our competitive edge in cost, assured results, expertise, artistry and post operative care. Our dedicated team of hair transplant professionals is at the core of our performance. The FUE hair transplant cost at Dr. Hair starts from 40,000 with easy payment options for the convenience of the patients.

Step by Step Procedure for FUE Hair Transplant


In the initial step, the patient sits with the expert doctor of Dr. Hair and discusses his expectations. Here, the doctor will understand the case closely to determine the optimal number of grafts to be implanted and their placement. The possible results are also discussed and the patient is free to ask any possible questions about the process. Some basic tests are also conducted in this step.


In this step, the entire donor area (which is generally the back side of head) is trimmed to 1–2 mm length.
Then, the surgeon uses a specialized tool to extract the donor grafts from the patient’s donor area. Grafts are always extracted one by one.


Immediately after the grafts are extracted, our team at Dr. Hair actively preserves them for implantation. Each graft is thoroughly cleaned, sorted and then submerged into a plasma solution. This solution increases the life of the graft. These grafts are then refrigerated until implantation.


When sufficient numbers of grafts are collected, the best hair transplant specialist in Jaipur begins their implantation task. The Implanter Pen DHI method is used for this carrying out this type of transplant. A team of expert nurses loads individual grafts into the Implanter Pens, one at a time, and passes them to the surgeon. The surgeon has great command over the angle and place of implantation. Implants are done over a totally bald area or even between the existing hair to attain a fuller look. The implantation process may stretch over few hours or few days to get completed.


After the successful implantation, it is very essential that the patient must follow the doctor’s instructions regarding medications and maintaining hygiene of the donor and implanted area. Excessive rubbing, exposure to sunlight and any doing strenuous work must be avoided. One must go for a follow up check up, when scheduled by the surgeon.

Why Choose Dr. Hair for your FUE Hair Transplant in Jaipur?

A hair transplant surgeon must be chosen after a sound research and proper understanding of one’s own expectations from the transplant. An expert surgeon with a dedicated team in a sound infrastructure is considered to be an ideal one for hair transplant. We at Dr. Hair , Jaipur not just only promise to give you your desired result but also ensure you about artistry of our hair expert at achieving a fuller hairline.
For best hair transplant in Jaipur, we are your right choice as-

✔️ We have performed over 3000+ hair restoration procedures with highly satisfactory results.

✔️ The graft survival rate at Dr. Hair is very high, thus there is little or no need for a re-correction transplant. We take responsibility of every graft implanted by us.

✔️ We offer a variety of financials options to help you restore your hair in any budget which you can afford with easy EMI options. Due to the adoption of latest state or art infrastructure and technology, we offer you the most affordable packages for your hair restoration.

✔️ Our dedicated team ensures a very active post-operative care will guide you about healthy diet and stress free life after the transplant.

✔️ Painless hair transplant procedures are also a key feature of Dr. Hair.

If you seeking help for hair transplant , let your search end at Dr. hair, who have the best hair transplant specialist in Jaipur and who are the perfectionists at their work.

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